SEO Metrics to Track

SEO Metrics to Measure

Have you Measured your SEO?

Analysing the right performance metrics will help drive the expected profit to any business and prevent you from spending money unnecessarily. There are KPIs (Keys Performance Indicators) which helps you t identify which strategy works better for your website to perform best.
Monitor these SEO Metrics to Generate Tangible Results.

Organic Traffic:

It’s a metric to measure the no. of visitors to your site from Organic Search Results. Its growth shows an increasing number of visitors to your site. Google Analytics tool helps you to track day-to-day searches on your site traffic, it tells the number of organic traffic engagements and time.

Search Engine Ranking:

These metrics monitor the search position for targeted keywords. This ranking helps to display your page on top searches. Higher the Ranking, Higher the Traffic, Leads, and Conversions. Tracking the performance of every keyword is important because identifying the top-performing and non-performing keywords helps to channelize your investments in the right way. Also, pages with relevant keywords are always ranked high.

Online Appearance:

It’s a metric to measure website visibility dynamics. It tells how often your domain is displayed when a user searches with targeted keywords. The number of impressions of your site that occurred will have a positive effect on the SEO. The dynamics will tell you even before you start driving in traffic to your site and helps to optimize your website.

Backlink Analysis:

This metric estimates the backlink position. It is very important for measuring the content marketing results. The SEO goals would be depending on what kind of backlinks are linked to your site. Linking your site with quality pages will yield good leads and also helps in ranking your page at the top. Higher the rank, the better the quality of the link.


Organic Click Through Rate (CTR) is the most advantageous. It measures the performance of clicks, it’s the ratio of clicks on your link to the total no. of impressions of your ad or webpage on search engines. If your CTR is low, the crawler bots would recognize it as a poor site that does not meet the User’s expectation and rank it low. Higher the CTR, Higher the Traffic.

Brand Leads:

These are the traffic gained by using your company name in the search keyword. It is all about brand awareness which is a supreme KPI that needs to be attained. This type of lead always has the highest conversions. Google Search Console helps you to track these types of traffic.


Return On Investment (ROI) measures the marketing campaign which determines if you are gaining profit for the money you spent on optimization and marketing of the website. You may observe low in the beginning, however, with the right analysis and strategy, it will grow higher and yield profit.

Tracking all these metrics would be helpful only when you have defined your goals for specific campaigns, abandon non-performing keywords, and assigning the right budget for SEO.

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