PPC Strategies to Skyrocket your Ad Campaigns.

PPC Strategies to Skyrocket your Ad Campaigns

Top 10 PPC Strategies to skyrocket your Campaigns.


Set a Goal, whether you want to increase growth, incurring profit, or drive traffic for lead conversion. Ensure paid campaigns do not affect organic marketing activities.

Research Competitors Arena:

Studying competitors paid search keywords will tell you how aggressive your campaign should be planned. Use the Target Outranking Share tool to raise your bids to beat the competitor’s top bids.

Keyword Analysis:

Always use customer-centric keywords. List and prioritize competitor’s keywords and include all keywords in your Search button.

Determine your Ad Campaign:

Now that your keywords are listed, group your ads depending on your goal, what actions you want users to take once they reach the landing page.

Relevant Ad Text:

Adding relevant text in each of the Ad groups will help save PPC cost and increase the click-through rate. This will help users to click on the desired Ad to reach their target page.

Optimize Landing Page:

Ensure the User lands on the page that is specifically mentioned in your Ad. Keep only one call to action depending on the landing page and keep the images and text simple and understandable.

Optimize Keywords:

Examine keywords thoroughly to identify non-performing keywords and tag them as negative keywords. Cutting down on negative keywords will save the budget and invest in high-performing keywords.

Estimate and Reports:

Examining the Ad Reports will help you to tackle auctions against your competitors. Reports help you to discard non-performing keywordS, Campaigns and re-allocate the budget to performing keywords and campaigns.

Functional Ad Text:

Let each Ad group define your ad text. Users click on Ads based on what you have written in the ad text. Include target keywords both in the heading and description. Users use the URL to navigate their search to reach their desired product page, so keep the URL understandable and navigated to the intended landing page directly.

For a Paid campaign, the ROI is determined by the goals of the paid ads. You should pay less and gain more results. Try and distribute the costing. Once you have identified the negative keywords which do not give any user engagements, you can readily abandon them and invest more on keyword which is bringing more traffic to your website.

In the beginning, you may get carried away by the bidding and do not think of first strategizing and then bidding. Now that you have read this article, hold back before bidding. Take time to define your goals and optimize campaigns to achieve high PPC ROI.

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