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PPC is an internet based mode of advertising deployed to drive traffic towards your website, in which you pay the publisher which typically will be a search engine, whenever the ad is clicked by the public.

Typically the results with “ad” word mentioned on the corner of the result, above Google search results are the PPC ads and the same which appear as “sponsored “in Facebook.

PPC is a fantastic model for most types of businesses, because it’s incredibly data-driven. You have unlimited room for optimization, testing, and scaling, all of which complement any business model perfectly.

Potential Benefits of PPC Marketing to you

  • Power: We can quickly steer a lot of traffic to your website. We manage it effectively as it is one of the fastest digital marketing strategies to drive traffic and conversion growth.
  • Accuracy: Creating a highly-targeted audience to show your ads to is straightforward—especially on Search and Shopping Networks.
  • Robust: Performance data is available almost immediately, which makes it easier to quickly make adjustments to improve your chances for a successful campaign.
  • Performance Measurement: The conversion can be tracked and thereby ROI can be monitored real time.

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3 Simple steps for your PPC or Google Ad

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Ad Creation

These ads are typically made up of a headline, a few lines of ad copy, and in some cases, an image.


Keyword Selection

With the Google AdWords PPC model, you select which keywords will trigger your ad.



The standard bid varies depending on how competitive your selected keywords are.

Why is PPC advertising good for your businesses?

PPC is an excellent advertising model for most businesses for a number of reasons.

The business model these days are highly data-driven. That also means that the entire business model can be virtually presented in numbers on a spreadsheet.

PPC is great for your business because it fits right in with that structure. You can track your advertising campaigns exhaustively, right down to the last penny.

The choice on the budget is your own as there is no restriction in terms of minimum or maximum budget for the ad so that you can go as per your business requires.

You would have noticed when it comes to traditional form of advertising that it often asks for a large or complete payment up-front, before the results start showing up, well the good news is that PPC works right opposite. You don’t pay until you start seeing results, and even then you can adjust your spend on the fly.

We can choose for you precisely what you wish to advertise and towards whom you are advertising it to plus when you are asking the question where you want to advertise we have 3 more newer options.

  • Google shopping
  • Bing shopping
  • Amazon Advertising

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Web Design

Our Design practice comprises of a blend of adaptable Grids and Layouts, Pictures and a keen utilization of Media.



SEO is used to show your website in the unpaid search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), and improve the visibility for the search queries.



At Gladias, Pay per Click Management gives our clients a chance to advertise with based on best ROI Strategy.


Graphics Design

"A picture speaks a thousand words" Get The Right Brand Strategy For Your Business From The Best Graphics Designers In Bangalore.​


Social Media​​

Social media marketing is a dominant way for online businesses of all sizes to reach targeted customers, and if you're not addressing directly, you're missing out a lot!


Content Marketing​

Content that resonates among your audience spreads a long way. We can make that happen with a strong team of copywriters and an effective marketing strategy.

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