Key Components for Websites SEO Audit

website seo audit

SEO Audit:

Have you checked your website performance in Google Analytics? Do you find your Organic traffic is low? Then it’s time to Audit your Website SEO. SEO audit is performed to evaluate whether the Site is user-friendly and gives in-depth details of site performance.
If your site is not optimized appropriately, you might end up not being indexed in SERP and lose potential customers.

Why SEO Audit?

With Search Engines constantly updating their algorithm to improve customer experience, your website should be updated accordingly.

Your website should be compliant with the latest version of Webmaster Guidelines.

SEO audit will help identify broken links and error messages which will redirect the audience back to your site.

Using the right content in the tag and description will help give the first impression to customers as this is what customer sees when your site appears in search results.

It’s important to abandon outdated content and nonperforming keywords which help include fresh content and invest in performing keywords.

Here are Key Components needed for SEO Website Audit:

1. Crawlable Site:

Search Engine Bots should be able to crawl each and every page of your site. See to that no page is masked and ensure no errors in the coding. Making an error-free XML sitemap will help the bots crawl easily and direct traffic towards your site.

2. Efficient Website:

Ensure, Urls are customer-centric. The website should be adaptable to all the contemporary modulations and examine all the internal and external links. This is vital as Search engines will expose your site to search queries and users have to be navigated smoothly to your site and land on the relevant content page.

3. Tags and Descriptions:

Content plays a very vital role in any website and is the supreme factor for SEO ranking. Ensuring the removal of duplicates, poor descriptions and tags will boost your SEO.

4. Technical Infrastructure:

Optimize visual contents and use dynamic coding for quick loading of pages, Poorly coded HTML, irrelevant images and old technologies will push your page ranking down.
Secured Website: HTTPS is a supreme factor to rank a website as more significance is given to cyberspace security. It’s important to make your mobile website HTTPS so that you can navigate Users smoothly yet maintain security.

5. High-Speed Mobile Pages:

To increase the page speed, you can include AMP technology. Where it crawls through your website pages and identifies the coding errors accurately and also shows which line needs to be corrected. This will accelerate the page speed and users will be able to open the required content instantly.

Using the right tools and technologies, you can audit your site efficiently.

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