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Why Advertise Beyond Google?

It’s a known factor that the Google platform has always remained at the top in Online Advertising Industry.

There are users who are receptive to ads shown in Google and observe the Ads on other platforms.

By expanding your Ads, you will have increased Brand visibility when they see your Ads on different platforms and destinations.

This diversity in Advertisement will gear up your digital marketing strategy.

Though Google Search has taken the top place in Online Advertising Industry, broadening the Ads network makes it more appealing to customers and will attract them.

There are other engaging platforms to get new customers and to lure back existing customers.

Marketers who have maxed out the impressions and target audiences should definitely look out for other alternative platforms to Advertise online.

Let’s see why advertise beyond Google.

1. Increasing CPC cost and No. of competitors in Google:

A decade back, Google offered Marketers to advertise for free, Marketers were happy and were able to g save money over advertising. But in recent days, it is seen that it is difficult for any business owner to bid below $50 per click.

To be a top player, marketers have now had to stretch their marketing cost with a very low possibility of driving less traffic at a high advertising cost when they advertise in Google Ads.

2. Reached the highest Impression share:

Most of the Marketers have reached a point where their Ad campaigns have reached the highest performance level. This means they cannot score beyond this level and have reached almost 100% covering your present network.

3. Reach a new set of audiences and visitor pools:

We may be assuming Google is the only Search engine for everyone, but there are users who use other search engines too. There are millions of platforms that will take you to customers even before they look for your business.

Advertising is alternatives platforms will drive in new customers and also help existing customers believe in brand visibility in various other platforms.

Google Ads Substitute Platforms

Here are a few top Google Ads Substitute Platforms that may drive more traffic for your business.

1. Microsoft Ads:

Did you know, Microsoft Advertising includes two top Search Engines, AOL and Yahoo. It has partnered with LinkedIn. Microsoft Advertising is gaining market with such collaborations that have invaluable Users.

For instance, there are more than six hundred million Users using Microsoft PCs that have Microsoft installed which makes more than half of Google Users.
You can have the privilege of the below factors while opting for Microsoft Ads:

1. very low CPC and contenders
2. Simple and easy way to import from Google Ads
3. Advance by incorporating LinkedIn Ads which will help in advanced audience targeting.

2. Quora Ads:

While Google is now focusing on phrase keywords, Quora Ads have a distinct format of question and answer that attracts Searchers. It equally performs well for B2B and B2C businesses.

When customers are looking for genuine answers and multiple supports to these answers from a community makes users trust the brand more and use the service for a longer period of time.

Quora now has collaborated with many other ad platforms with advanced ad formats and targeting sources.

Here are some benefits of using Quora Ads:
1. Directly targeting the topics, or answering questions or keywords
2. Targets relevant Audience
3. customer’s interest and keyword history

3. Adobe Advertising Cloud:

Though not all businesses can benefit from Adobe, it serves businesses that are looking for Display, DSP, or cross-marketing channels.

It has adopted many key features that help in sharing audiences throughout the domain, getting all data across advertising platforms in one single report and the bidding happens based on individual targets.

The ads are charged on a percentage basis and the bidding pattern is attractive.

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